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Types of Treasure Hunt Games

 Auto Inter City Treasure Hunts
City walk hunts
Off Road 4WD Adventure Hunt
Orienteering Adventure Hunt
Hotel based treasure hunt
6  Scavenger's Hunt

If you are a fan of treasure hunt games, this game is definitely for you! 
Hunt for treasure - Treasure & scavenger hunts are ideal for away days, team building, corporate events, conference breaks, stag dos, hen parties, school or other reunions and more.
Treasure hunts are fun, dynamic and inclusive, i.e. everyone gets involved.

Your treasure hunt can be arranged at any venue, on foot or by car. We even have a Monorail / LRT treasure hunt! We have established car based treasure hunts in various places in Malaysia plus a great on-foot city walk hunts treasure hunt round Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Malacca.
Our treasure or scavenger hunts can be written for any specific location and we will tailor them to your exact requirements including start and finish locations.
Astute managers realise that a profitable business needs a motivated staff and will build a variety of regular team building or staff motivational corporate entertainment events and away days into their calendar. So build in at least one treasure hunt per year - you will be delighted with the event and even more delighted with the team building effect.

So whatever your corporate entertainment, team building or conference break needs, please call us or email for a no-obligation quote - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
We have corporate away days for a wide variety of clients from many different industries, for example companies offering business insurance, accountancy services, management services, the various banks and of course many smaller businesses and individuals.

The treasure hunt is great too for private individuals and charity organisations. It is  becoming the new generation of stag and hen event, the perfect daytime activity for a weekend 'do'. They are fun, sociable and involve everyone - email your stag or hen enquiry from here.
We do not subcontract out our treasure hunts or scavenger hunts - we produce and deliver them ourselves ensuring you of a top quality event. We are contracted by top corporate entertainment companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts.
Working on Your Team Building Budget
It is true that team building activities use up a certain amount of cash from a business organisation's current assets. Nevertheless, because these events are vital in building relationship and communication of staff and in motivating employees, finance officers of companies should allocate funds that can be utilised for activities focused in employee welfare.
Health Benefits of Treasure Hunts
Do you know that with treasure hunts, you are not only moulding good relationships among your employees, but you are also promoting wellness among them? As we all know, this event requires a great deal of physical activities that serve as a challenge to all participants. Indeed, it only goes to show that anyone who engages in scavenger hunts will be able to get his own dose of exercise. Imagine all the walking and running involved during this activity. Going from Point A to Point B helps the hunter lose calories and maintain his weight. In addition to that, he will also be able to advance his breathing and enhance his stamina.
Another thing that you should prepare before your big trip is your mental and physical readiness. Take enough rest and get sufficient sleep. Do not go out to hang out with your friends or attend a party until the wee hours of the morning. If you do not want to feel restless and out of sync on the day of your team building, you should bear the aforementioned things in mind.
We have a wide range of Treasure Hunt venues with prepared treasure hunts. If your preferred venue is not here, just call us and we can write you a car treasure hunt or on foot treasure hunt for wherever you want. ...
The hardest part of a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is the preparation. You need to make the time to visit the location several times, plan alternative routes, look for points of interest, take the photos, write the clues and add the photos, check the timing and print off copies for each team. You then need to prepare the answers and possible alternative answers too and make sure that clues and answers are permanent!

So that is why you should turn to one of our ready prepared treasure hunts. It will save you a lot of time and stress. You specify what you want from your hunt  Talk to us and we will provide a bespoke hunt - don't for one minute imagine that you have to have an off-the-shelf treasure hunt that is the same as everyone else.

The corporate treasure hunts are managed by a professional team who have been involved in corporate events planning and delivery for many years - you will have a slick event at which you can take a back seat and really relax into it. Your staff will have a fun time in an atmosphere that is conducive to team building.

Teams lie at the heart of corporate success. Profitability depends on team work.

Whether these are management teams, sales teams or the team in the office, you will find effective teams in the most profitable organisations. But these teams don't just function well internally, they connect with each other - we have seen many companies in which people from different departments hardly speak to each other! And when they do, it is usually through the managers. So how can you ensure that your workforce is contented, connected and devoted to the company?
Corporate entertainment, fun days and stealth team building is the answer.

Corporate entertainment and stealth team building is of benefit to all sizes of company. Including the management on a corporate entertainment day will help to break down barriers and allow you staff to overcome obstacles in the work place. It is not possible for individuals to perform to their potential unless they have a good team and work environment so the creation of a team atmosphere is very important.

But what is stealth team building? Essentially, it is team building without ramming it down people's throats. Pick the right type of team building activity and the right provider and team building is corporate entertainment. The events should motivate and challenge the delegates, using the skills the need to function effectively as a team - communication, encouraging each other, lateral thinking ... Do this enough and it becomes second nature. The teams for the event should be randomly picked so that employees get to interact with people from other departments, management etc. There should be some worthwhile reward for the victorious team.

OK, now what sort of corporate entertainment events are the best? Conventional barrel and plank activities, stacking crates and so on are great for a few minutes then people just end up standing around whilst the dominant ones direct and do everything. Same with outdoors types of activities, there is a load of safety to get through, boring the socks off everyone and not serving any team building purpose ... then you have to watch for ages as one by one the rest of the company abseil down a cliff or off a bridge. Wow, exciting for about 30 seconds! Motorised events are great fun but again there is the involvement aspect, or rather lack of it.

Good solutions are treasure hunts and scavenger hunts, especially on foot and in cities or towns as the teams stay together for the duration of the event and are also continually occupied. Then there are the silly photographs, tasks and shopping lists to add the fun element. The successful team will have planned, communicated, thought laterally, negotiated and been involved from start to finish.
Why choose us for your treasure hunt?

Because of our experience.
Because we supply treasure hunts to other leading corporate events management companies.
Because of our innovative ideas.
Because our hunts challenge as well as entertain.

Choose a treasure hunt when you ...

>> have a new team to establish.
>> have to freshen up delegates at a conference/training event - conference break
>> want to close a deal by involving your clients and sales force.
>> have an existing team struggling to overcome personality and style differences.
>> want to reward your employees.